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September, 2014

Release Note 2.3

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of Elastic Cloud Gate Portal We added new features, which include: Search EC2 Instances Now you can search EC2 instances by IP, Name or ID. In addition, you can include Snapshots, Volumes and AMIs in the search, e.g. to find out from which EC2 [...]

EC2 Monitoring – Always On

Elastic Cloud Gate “Always On” feature allows monitoring of EC2 Instances. “Always On” will check the status of the EC2 Instance every 1 minute. When the status of monitoring EC2 Instance is not in “running” mode, “Always On” will attempt to start the instance. “Always On” can be setup to monitor given instance 24/7 or [...]

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EC2 Scheduler Templates Management

EC2 Scheduler Templates Manager is a tool to manage scheduler across multiple EC2 objects. Each template can have assigned one or multiple actions and one or multiple EC2 objects Action types include: Start, Stop or Reboot EC2 instance AMI backup EBS volume snapshot Snapshots or AMI maintenance EC2 object can be any EC2 Instance or [...]

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